Every athlete and sports team understands the importance of having a coach to guide them to reach their full potential.

Someone on your team

Most successful people know to surround themselves with a support team.

Life coaching is just how it sounds; having a coach to guide you to reach your full potential through life. So how can a coach help you?

  • Having someone to discuss ideas with, share issues, challenges and problems that can be holding you back.
  • Hold you accountable to your goals
  • Offer support and practical strategies
  • Provide a sounding board and unbiased feedback
  • Be non-judgemental support


6 Sessions Hypnotherapy Programme

6 hypnotherapy sessions to move you toward your goal.

6 Sessions Life Coaching Starter Sessions

Designed to identify issues and move towards a balanced life.

Coaching Online

Online coaching and hypnotherapy sessions available for comfort and convenience.

Referral Programme

Get 50% off your next session when someone you refer comes to see me.

How would your professional or personal situation benefit from having someone with no preconceptions, to bounce ideas off?

Chris has a wonderful calm and reassuring manner about him. I felt acknowledged, supported and valued.


I could close my eyes and visualize exactly what l desire for my future.


Chris has a wonderful empathy for people. It is very easy to feel comfortable in his presence and confident in his coaching.


Chris is very professional in his dealings. I absolutely recommend Chris as a Life Coach.


Chris and his connecting with me has always been highly professional and dignified.


My getting well, and my journey to a healthy mental state of mind has sincerely been helped by my valued friendship with Chris.


Working with Chris has been an extremely satisfying journey for me . I began our sessions with certain ideas about how i wanted grow my business further . With Chris supporting me I was able to achieve goals I set, and then move into deeper exploration of my limiting beliefs. Chris used a mixture of coaching techniques and hypnotherapy in our sessions which enabled me to explore more of my subconscious mind.