Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Established in East Auckland to help you deal with issues that are holding you back from having the life you truly want.

If life is throwing some challenges and roadblocks, lets see if we can help you navigate your way through them and have the life you truly desire .

So why use a life coach?

Have there been times in your life when an objective viewpoint could’ve helped you?
Perhaps you have goals that are put back on the list every year but there is no accountability for them?

If you think of the top sportspeople and businesspeople in the world, what do they all have in common? They have a team of people supporting them.

You may argue that you have friends, family and colleagues who are happy to give advice and support but may not be able to give that objective viewpoint.

Whether its for personal, business or career reasons a life coach could be that supportive person who by drawing from many years of personal and shared experiences can formulate strategies and programs to help you achieve your goals and succeed in life.

Personal or business challenges, achieving goals, or pushing yourself through a self-imposed barrier to the next level. These are just some of the reasons people seek out alternative ways such as a life coach to tap into their own resources and use the power of the human brain to rejuvenate and intervene.

Areas where I can help:

  • Goal Setting
  • Work Challenges
  • Weight problems
  • Economic challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol problems
  • Relationships
  • Addictive behaviour

Having someone who can assist and be accountable is who we are.

Let’s start the journey

Chris has a wonderful calm and reassuring manner about him. I felt acknowledged, supported and valued.


I could close my eyes and visualize exactly what l desire for my future.


Chris has a wonderful empathy for people. It is very easy to feel comfortable in his presence and confident in his coaching.


Chris is very professional in his dealings. I absolutely recommend Chris as a Life Coach.


Chris and his connecting with me has always been highly professional and dignified.


My getting well, and my journey to a healthy mental state of mind has sincerely been helped by my valued friendship with Chris.